December Coaching Camp
40 photos
Junior Surf 9th December 2012
All age-groups
Waihi Beach Surf Club
41 photos
BOP Champs 2012
1 photo
December 2, 2012
22 photos
Training 11 November 2012
91 photos
Omanu Junior Surf Carnival 25 November 2012
Omanu Beach Surf Club, Mt Maunganui
97 photos
Our Dolphin Boards ready to load for Omanu!
Dolphin Boards all out and ready for the Junior Surf first carnival of the 2012 season at Omanu Beach.
Waihi Beach Surf Club
6 photos
End of a great training session - 18 November 2012
6 photos
Lifeguards Working Bee helping to clean up around the club AFTER a full day's patrol!
Putting the sand back on the beach! End of patrol and the work still not done! We've got a wonderful team of volunteers - thanks everyone!
Waihi Beach Surf Club
12 photos
Weekend Training with Daniel
7 photos
Profile Photos
Album for profile photos
1 photo
IRB Training 21 January 2012
11 photos
Junior Surf Competitions 2011-2012
Ohope Beach - Eastern Region Carnival Papamoa Junior Surf
73 photos
Summer 2009-2010
Photos for the Waihi Beach Lifeguard Service 2009/2010 lifeguarding season
Waihi Beach
6 photos
Surf Boat Champs 2009
23 photos
IRB Training
Various IRB training shots
4 photos
Lifeguard Camp 2009
34 photos
NI Surf Boats Champs 2008
NI surf boat champs Waihi Beach 2008
14 photos
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