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The aim of the Waihi Beach Lifeguard Service is to achieve excellence in beach rescue services and surf sports by continually developing the skills of our members and by promoting the role of the club in the community.


The Waihi Beach Lifeguard Service is situated at the Northern end of Waihi Beach. The original Waihi Surf Life Saving Club was founded in 1936 and was situated further to the left than the current building. The club was run by a small group of locals trying to make our beach a safer place for their families and friends. The club membership grew over time and a new building became necessary to operate from and store equipment. This new building, the one we currently operate from, was opened in 1971. Membership continued to grow and in 1986 additions were made to include a wing of accommodation for women and a better tower to patrol from.

Despite the wars and times of economic hardship, the service has continually operated throughout the last 70 years. We are currently undertaking a major building project to lifeguard headquarters on the original site at the north end of Waihi Beach to make sure we can continue to provide this service for generations to come.

Events and Activities:

Over the busy summer period we provide many activities for the community to get involved in. In the fourth and first school terms Lifeguards run Beach Education classes for school children, teaching them about safety in the surf and sun. On New Years Day we have the annual children’s sports day – the longest running beach-sports day in New Zealand, attracting hundreds of locals and tourists for some family fun. We also run an annual fun run/walk, sandcastle competition, mud to club fun run, and a themed auction and party. All of these events help to promote our service and are a fun way for the community to get involved and help our club with the funding we rely on for our existence.

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